Let’s Compare

Some more comparisons and reasons to buy a PULL RITE Trailer.

If you have ever had to fight getting a chain or ratchet strap hook between the frame and rub rail when your rub rail is bent from being hit with forklifts or tractors then you will understand the importance of this Standard option on all Pull Rite Flatbeds. We are talking about “PIPE SPOOLS”.

The Black trailer is Company X and you can see that there is no support between the 24” gap of the stake pocket allowing the rub rail to get bent in and causing huge headaches trying to find a less bend place that a chain or strap will fit between bends.

The RED trailer is a PULL RITE again showing a STANDARD option known as ” pipe spools “. Pipe spools are round pieces of pipe added between the stake pockets for several reasons. First reason is to give added support to the rub rail every 12” to lessen the problem of bending your rub rail. Second is when chaining down your load it is obviously easier to run your chain around a smooth rolled surface rather than a sharp edge of a stake pocket causing the links of the chain to snag and have slack in the securement.